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Christianity in Nash County Documentary -Horne -English 12 AP

During my junior year of high school, I was interested in the effects of religion in America and decided to base my North Carolina Graduation Project research paper on the subject, with primary focus on Christianity. Through my research, I learned much about the religion and the differing viewpoints of different denominations. Within itself, Christianity is made up of many various people who share core beliefs and come together to share their beliefs with others in an organized fashion. For my product, I have decided to create a short documentary on these groups and how they impact those within the community. The documentary will explore religion and its role in society, while representing beliefs both shared and diverse amongst the different denominations of the Christian religion.

The Process.

The first major portion of this documentary was interviewing volunteers for footage. I created a basic list of questions involving the effects of religion in America and began finding people who would help me out. Among these final participants were five NCHS students and the pastor of Rock Creek Baptist Church. I brought my camera at my scheduled times and proceeded to receive their answers on recording. Each interview was somewhere between 10-15 minutes long, except for the pastor's interview, which was over 25 minutes long.

After planning and organizing came the longest portion of the product: editing. After the interviews, I had over an hour of unedited raw footage. Not only did I have to record this footage, I had to re-watch it entirely to determine what would be kept in the final product. After that, I cut each into short clips with the best and most clear answers from each of the participants. Of course, this took quite a while as well. Then, in one final stretch, I organized all of those clips into subsections and created overlay text throughout the video. The final product looked pretty good, so I produced it as a .mp4 file and uploaded it to my Google Drive.

The Struggle

Of course, I faced a lot of problems throughout creating my product. I sent out some thirty or so texts and phone calls to find people who would be willing to help with my product. I intended to conduct church visits which I would include photos and footage of. However, because of communication failures and time restraints, I was only able to visit churches during my interviews and so my final product did not include the concept. In addition to this being an issue, many people did not contact me back. I was only able to get a hold of two pastors. One of which, had to cancel last minute after a twenty-five minute drive to the church in Elm City to interview him. So, while I intended to include multiple denominational viewpoints in my video, I relied on one pastor for all of my inquiries. Later, during the editing process, I had a lot of trouble deciding what footage to keep and how I would organize it. Less than 30% of the raw footage was actually used in the end in order to keep only the most relevant and interesting answers by the participants. After a lot of stress and re-working, my final product was born.

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