3 Reasons Why Drilling Companies Kick Off Construction

Property owners hoping to develop their land for housing, commercial use or even industrial use may think the whole process begins with pouring the foundation for solid construction. While the foundation is a critical aspect, the real work may begin below this layer courtesy of drilling companies that are called in to stabilize land before any above ground work actually takes place.

There are a number of reasons why drilling companies may be among the first experts to report to a construction site. While the work they do isn’t often seen once construction is complete, these experts truly lay the foundation for a solid project that’s meant to stand up to the test of time. Here are just a few of the reasons why a general contractor may call on drilling companies before the first drop of concrete is laid to pour a foundation:

  • Stabilizing the land – The earth isn’t necessary a perfect platform on which to build. Sometimes the land below a construction site isn’t quite as stable as it should be to support the desired building activity. Drilling companies may be called into set piers, put in caissons or even set soil nails to ensure the land below is steady enough to support what will be constructed above. While not always called for, this type of specialty work is essential when erosion or lack of underground stability is deemed a concern. It is commonplace, however, in projects that involve heavy vertical construction where the supporting land must be prepped to handle the anticipated weight.
  • To remove water – In areas where water tables are high or construction will take place near the water, dewatering techniques are often necessary to prep the land for construction. Drilling companies being a high level of expertise in dewatering and the construction of piers, solider pile walls and other techniques meant to prep the land for stable building.
  • To stop, prevent or reverse erosion – Sometimes the concern lies with the potential for a developing lack of stability. Anticipated or current erosion, for example, can create issues for construction projects. When drilling companies are called in to handle this type of work, they take measures to prevent, stop or reverse erosion so construction can proceed as planned. In some cases, they may even be called in after construction takes place to address post-building erosion. This is common in areas where building takes place on slopes or near water.

Drilling companies are called in first to help make sure what comes next in the construction process is stable and safe.

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