Steps for Success

By Short Pump Middle School- Sruti Kamarajugadda

Any student on their way to success makes mistakes and finds hardships in life. Many children get discouraged by this and stop their efforts but they fail to realize that the real success is overcoming those hardships. But confidence is not only the main characteristic is achieving success. Look Below for the few easy steps to reach your  goals and achieving the highest standards.   


1. Work Hard- Whether it is for a test or for just for a homework, effort is needed.

2. Raise Your Hand- This simple task can tell people that you need help.

3. Pay Attention and be well behaved- These actions go hand in hand. With being well behaved and  paying attention, you can gain knowledge that you might not have gained.

Whether it is hard- work or asking for help, these few steps will let you achieve your full potential and show you the way to success.

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