Social Media Applications: A Simple Means To Connect With People and Your Interests

Mobile phones have enabled people to remain connected to their friends and community throughout the world. And with technological developments, there are many useful and exciting applications that are extremely popular among social media fans.

We all are aware of the fact that social media is like a bridge that is bringing the real and the virtual worlds together. With these applications, users can connect easily with each other and share information, experience and even skills. It is only by sitting and enjoying the comfort of home and your office that you can take the advantage of technology. Let us have a look at some of the popular social media apps.

GeoSocials: This is a location based social game that enables you to find friends and fortune at a place near your location. It is a GPS based real life, hyper-local social networking game that allows you play, win and socialize and enjoy the virtual goodies anywhere and everywhere. So if you are waiting for your train or flight, then simply pass your time by looking for interesting people around your vicinity with this application.

Everyware: This app can help you to manage special deals, check-ins, reviews, appointments and even dinner reservations. It has all the features that are aimed to connect users with local businesses. It is a perfect blend of various concepts that make it a revolutionary tool for business owners and users who are willing to communicate and promote their services or products.

Nudge: This is a health application that connects your health to fitness tracking. It works in combination with other apps like Moves, Fitbit, RunKeeper and many more. Users can compare their score against family, friends and other active individuals and it also analyses the fitness factors for hydration, exercise, nutrition, sleep and determines your Nudge Score.

Ibotta: It is a shopping rebate application that works with 200 large retailers that include Best Buy, Sephora, Whole Foods, Target and etc. It can be easily downloaded from iOS and Google Play and you can avail exclusive rebates before you purchase any items. Once you buy a product and verify the purchase, Ibotta pays you cash via a gift card or PayPal. If you join via Facebook, then your friends will also automatically join your Ibotta team.

Shrink-Sync App: This application is from a company “Mobiloitte” and it is created specifically to meet the requirements of mental health professionals. With this application, therapists can connect with other professionals and create their network and grow their practice. The app is easy to use and requires little effort so that they can focus on what they are best. Some features include events and networking dashboard, office premises location on map and client referrals.

SideChef: It is a great app to help you appear like a professional, seasoned chef. The app provides you with everything from recipes, visual directions, voice command technology and even tutorials. You can remain connected with notable chefs or food bloggers and even add your own recipes to the cookbook. It calculates conversion for you and helps to maintain a shopping checklist for the dishes you choose to share.

Wanelo: The name of this application comes from “want, need and love”. It is used by 11 million users and the app features millions of products from various retailers and big brands. You can check the products that are the favorite of your friends and add them to your wish list within the application.

With new social media applications, you can now remain connected to the world around you in various exciting ways. New applications are developed every day and so download the best app according to your needs and give a try.

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