Bay of Smokes

Reykjavik is the capital and largest town of Iceland, a small island country in the North Atlantic Ocean. The word Reykjavik means “bay of smokes.” The city’s name comes from the steaming hot springs nearby. Nike Air Max 90 Hombres Blanco Navy Azul 537384-116. The town is heated by the hot water carried by pipes from these springs. The water is made hot by the many volcanoes underneath Iceland.Even though the city is very far north, it has a fairly mild climate. However, winters are long and very dark. Much of Iceland’s area outside the city is covered by glaciers.

According to legend, a Viking named Ingolfur Arnarson founded the city about 1,200 years ago. For many years Reykjavik remained just a small fishing village. It was occupied and ruled by the Danes, the people of Denmark. Nike Mercurial Victory IV Interior Blanco Negro Verde 140107-001. Today Reykjavik is a major fishing port. It is also Iceland’s main center for business. Not surprising for a fishing city, Reykjavik’s chief industries are processing fish and building ships.

Iceland has one of the highest literacy rates in the world. Almost all of the people can read. Iceland has a rich literary tradition, and Icelandic sagas date from the 13th century. Folklore is also popular, especially stories about trolls.The city has many museums and art galleries. Nike Hyperdunk 2013 Flash Lime Arctic Verde 599537-301. The country’s traditional cuisine includes many seafood dishes and skyr, a dessert made with skim milk and served with fresh bilberries.

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