Costa Rica

Worlds Fair Project, Haley Schecher

Society- What is their culture?

Most Costa Ricans are white. Many others are mestizos ( people mixed with European and Native Americans roots.) There are small groups of Africans, Asians, and Native Americans. Spanish is the official language. Most people are Roman Catholic.

Technology- What technology do they use?

*Less than half of the population uses internet. *Although cars are available, the most common way to get places is to go by bus. *Taxis are available, illegal taxis are called "piratas" or pirates. These are also common. *Remote areas still lack service. *Cellular phones are common in the country, even in most rural areas. *The postal system is efficient. *There are a number of television stations in Costa Rica.

Government- Is it/has it been a stable government?

Yes. The republic of Costa Rica is known for having the most stable democratic government in Central america. President: Laura Chinchilla Miranda

Geography- What countries do they connect to?

Costa Rica is apart of Central America. It is surrounded by Nicaragua, the Pacific ocean, Panama, and the Carribean sea.

Economy- What do they import?

Chemicals, manufactured goods, and petroleum are the chief imports.

What do they export?

Sugar and Coffee (from the highlands), Bananas (mainly from the Carribean lowlands), and Pineapples (grown in farms throughout the country). Costa Rica is one of the largest banana producers in Central America.