George W. Bush
Jorge Chavez

George W. Bush

        For my biography I chose George W. Bush. One reason I chose him is he was still president when I was born, I was born in 2005. My second reason is he went to college. And my final reason is he served as a combat pilot in WWII.

       George Bush was born in New Havens, Connecticut, on June 12, 1924. His favorite subject in school was history and I like history. George W. Bush’s favorite sport was baseball he played it because he loved it. And for school he went to Phillips Academy.

       George W. Bush was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for flying in WWII. Then he attended Yale University after the war. He got his degree in economics. He later moved Midland, Texas. He became rich with the oil industry.

      George W. Bush served as a combat pilot for the Navy. He was the youngest combat pilot at that time. Later he worked in the government. He became the 41st president.


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