FFA and Charly top 10 differences!

By:Tyler Ferguson

1. Charly sexually harassed Miss Kinnian in the movie.

2. Dr.Strauss is a woman in the movie.

3. Charly and Miss Kinnian get together and think about marriage in the movie.

4. Charly writes on blackboard, not in a journal in the movie.

5. Miss Kinnian gives Charly the tests in the movie.

6. Charly worked in a bread factory in the movie instead of a plastic box factory in the movie.

7. Algernon was placed in Charly's room, and he decided to race him on his own and finally beat the mouse in the movie.

8. Charly is more angry and aggresive in the movie after the operation in the movie.

9.  In the movie, Charly has a motorcycle.

10. Charly paints very sexual paintings.