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Entrepreneurs and organizations who haven’t yet experienced the phenomenon of video wall technology are guaranteed to have fallen behind the rest of the corporate world. Everyone from small businesses to large scale companies have started using these systems in their bid to reach out to potential audiences and customers in a better and much more effective manner. You too must make a move soon or you will definitely be missing out on cashing in on a world of advertising opportunities that your competitors might already be enjoying.

Some of the most obvious advantages of video wall solutions are the effectiveness with which they display the content that you want to send out in front of people. They engage people in a far more impactful manner, display images and graphics in mind blowing detail and help companies in creating lasting impressions on the minds of customers. Apart from these simple and more palpable benefits, technically, video wall technology is far better and more advanced than single large screens are they are much more cost effective and allow users to customize active areas of the screen individually, thereby allowing for much more flexibility in display results.

There are three video wall technology options out there that you can consider to be the most popular of them all. Lets look at what they are all about and how they can help your business in creating and improving its brand image.

DLP Video walls

These systems comprise of rear projection cubes and video wall controllers. There are lamps that are used by the projection cubes to display the images – a system that is completely dependent on the lamps to function. Modern cubes come with lamps that have a display life of up to 9000 hours. The smaller the screen size, the lower the depth would be of the cubes used in the DLP video wall. This technology is therefore able to offer high resolution images comparable with LCD systems and thinner frames – some of the main advantages that you can enjoy with DLP video walls.

LED video walls

This technology is quite similar to The DLP version of video wall technology with interlocking rear projection cubes and a video processor. The light source however is replaced with LEDs which lends these systems the ability to produce much sharper images, more brightness, more energy efficient productivity and mow maintenance requirements. The use of LEDs however will cause this technology to be more expensive when compared to its DLP counterpart. However, its advantages have made it the first choice for use in applications where the video wall will be in use 24x7, like in command centers and mission control rooms.

LCD video walls

The third form of video wall technology uses the light altering ability of LCDs to display razor sharp images. Flat display panels are tiled together and connected to a video processor with backlighting. These monitors can be mounted on walls directly or integrated to free standing cabinets, making them the most versatile of all the three. They are ultra-thin and light but high on maintenance.

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