Agents of Socialization

Peer Groups

My peers were very key to my socialization skills. They sometimes show me what's new in style like the newest dance moves, for example the whip and nae nae, and even the freshest clothes. Also we share the same interests. Some of my peers like the same genre of music that I do and some play the same sport as me as well. Without my peers, I do not think that I would be able to socialize with people my own age. I would not know how to have fun or even know what my interests are. I even consider some of my peers as family.


My family socialized me in various ways. They put in organizations and activities to help socialize me. Beliefs and values are one of the most important things that they have taught me. Also in addition, they taught me to form basic attitudes and manners. But most importantly they taught me how to acquire a strong self-image. Believing in myself, going after what you want, and not caring what people think of you are what they truly taught me. Finally they taught me how to have fun. My family helped me out a lot.


Even though school is a pain, it has also socialized me in many ways. They taught me real world experiences such as rules and regulations, time/bells, when to speak, and appropriate dressing. They also taught me "Hidden Curriculum" such as, discipline, order, cooperation, and conformity. Cooperation is the one thing they taught me the most. They how me how to respect others and treat others the way I would want to be treated. Also they taught appropriate dressing because in the real world inappropriate dressing is disturbing. Schools get me ready for when I start working in workplaces.

Mass Media

The media socialized me a lot throughout my life. They gave communication to reach the general population. Communication such as TV, radio, internet, newspapers, books, and magazines. They also show out celebrities who are viewed as role models. They show their success, work, or even equality in the community. Media helped me stay up to date with the latest news and events of what is happening around the world. Media is very crucial.

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