Meet Handy Man

Isabelle Pingol

Homo Habilis
"Handy Man"

Physical Description

Handy Man had 2 feet. They were about 4 feet-taller than Lucy was. Handy Man was more human-like than Lucy was. Even though they were more humanlike, they still had ape features. Their brains were twice the size Lucy's were. Since their brains were twice the size Lucy's were, they probably had bigger heads than Lucy's.

Where Handy Man Lived

The Handy Man group used their big brains as an advantage. They made tools out of animal bones, rocks, and sharp pieces of stone. They used animal bones for digging holes. They used rocks for chopping tools. They also used sharp pieces of stone for cutting.

Their Capabilities

The Handy Man hominid worked in groups. Working in groups help them survive. They can protect themselves against animal attacks. It also helped them collect food over larger areas of land. They also had the ability to build tools. They had to use their mind and think about what they had to make and then they had to use their effort to make the tool.

Their Resourses

Their resources where animal bones, stone, and rocks.

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