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Our Leadership Day is coming up (May 15th). For the teachers who are new to Beach, this is a HUGE day for us. With that said....I am nervous that some of you have put the Leader in Me aside. Here are a few reminders of nonnegotiables.

First - The Habits are taught through integrated instruction. You must be talking the language daily. The Leader in Me process is an inside-out approach. It starts inside with adults applying the habits, then works outside to students.  Bottom line...teaching the habits is not a one-time event. It is not a one-time lesson; it is an ongoing journey of progression....starting from the inside out.

+++The most fundamental assumption of The Leader in Me is that every child is important, every child has gifts.

Greeting- Every morning you should be outside your door greeting students. If you can not handle this....Beach might not be the place for you.

WIGS- Specific goals provide clarity around where an individual is currently (X), where they want to be (Y) and a target date for when the goal will be achieved. Our school has school-level, grade-level and student level WIGS....this is a nonnegotiable. It is your job to help your students come up with a few action steps to meet their goals.  

The Leader in Me views accountability.  Students are far more likely to achieve a difficult goal when a trusted person (YOU)checks in with them on consistent basis.

1) Setting WIGS for the  4th nine weeks

2) Translating goals into meaningful action steps

3) Keeping scoreboards

4) Establishing a cadence of accountability


Leadership Notebooks - Make sure you give students time to update their notebooks and share with others their goals/celebrations.

Student-Led Conferences - Students share with parents/peers their WIGS and how they are progressing. They outline their strengths and steps they can take to improve.

Quality Tools - Remember they are located on the Leader in Me website and you should be utilizing the graphic organizers. We will have them displayed for Leadership Day....fishbone diagram, Gantt Charts, Bubble Maps, etc.

    Important Information

    The primary purposes for holding leadership events are to build a sense of community, to create vision and to establish a culture of trust. This is also where we give students opportunities  to apply their leadership skills and to celebrate success.

    April 24th - Parent Leadership Camp

    May 15th - Leadership Day

    May 20th - Parent Leadership Day

    ++++I know that this is a very stressful time of year. I totally get that!! May 1st, I have to send out the letters regarding your contract status for next year. I really want you to reflect about this year and about where we are headed. We will not water down the Leader in Me. If nothing else, it will only get stronger when we start implementing weekly Community Circles (DEAL). If this process is overwhelming, it will not hurt my feeling at all if you would like to transfer. I respect your opinion and the choices you make. If you are wanting a change, please come see me. I want you to enjoy teaching.

    This Week....

    Monday: Kdg- 2nd Dance Team; Retention Mtgs


    Wednesday: K- Book Study; PLC Faculty Mtg

    Thursday: Leader Landing; Fire Drill; MTSS A/B

    Friday: Purple Up Day (Honor of Military Children); Leader Landing; Report Cards

    Coming Up...

    Monday: 3rd-5th Dance Team; Chorus

    Tuesday: K-Kids

    Wednesday: K- Book Study

    Thursday: PLC K-3


    Happy Birthday

    4/6 Debbie MacKenzie, 4/11 Pat Kolberg


    "Treat a man as he is and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he has the potential to become and you make him better than he is."    -Goethe

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