Snow Biz
by Alexis Michelle Bryant

Business Description

Would you like to visit my business on saturn? The name of my business is call snowbiz. I have great variety they can choose from, I sell  starwberry, sorappy, watermelon,birthdaycak, weddingcake, grape, peeach, and greenapple.I  creat this  business on saturn because saturn has ring that has ice in inside there that is why I creat this business on saturn. All in all I have  all redey star  my business.

Price Page

Small     $1.00

large  $2.50

larger $3.00

litter cup $1.25

medium $4.00


strawberry 0.20

apple 0.40

peach 0.10


birthday cake 0.60

wedding cake 0.75

persuasive letter

If you come to my business it will be  great. I will have many variety that you can choose from. from example I sell strawberry ,sour apple  , water melon, birthday cake , wedding cake grape, peach, and green apple. You can come to  my business if you are have  a bad day and you can cool off.I have low pricing and they are the big cup are $4.00 the small cup are $2.00 the medum are $3.00. if you come to my business you get one for free. you get to which the sun go down  if you come to my business. To sum it up I hope you have a good time at my business and I close at 6:00 at night all in all my business will be great