Abby Anaya, Mrs. Snowberger 10-8-13

  1. Use aporet langue. Because you could hurt someone feeling.
  2. Don’t send email or texts when you’re mad. You might send something you didn't wanted to say.
  3. Be careful of what you say. You might regreat what you said in the later on.
  4. Ask before you send a picture. The person might not like the picture.
  5. Answer what is ask. Only if you know the person if not then don't.
  6. Pay attention your capitalization.If you write in all CAPITALIZATION they well think your scremming.
  7. Consider other people feelings. Think about what you say or think if someone said what your saying to them.
  8. Be careful of what you send and post.You might regreat.
  9. Don’t be the person who shares rivers. Some times things have rivers.
  10. Ask before you send something especially if its about someone else.They might not like it.

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