Mobile Apps for the K-12 Classroom

I will be sharing some applications that can be downloaded on mobile devices and used in the classroom, at home, for projects, practice, and for studying.

App #1     A+ Flashcards and Quizlet
This is a combination of two apps, bringing together the teacher and the student. Quizlet can be used by teachers to create flashcards and study prep work for students. Students can then download A- Flashcards, find the flashcards shared by their teacher and access them at any time in a mobile device for free. This app will allow students to shuffle, organize, and use the study cards, which can include drawings, pictures, and text.

App #2     Padlet

This is an app for teachers and students. With access to a specific URL, students can be added to a collaborative wall where everyone can pitch in and add ideas through notes, links, images, and videos, allowing for great class discussion, participation, and debate.

App #3      Desmos

This app helps students make graphs needed in the math classroom or in a data formatting situation. Once the graph is made, it can be shared and printed allowing students to hand in  clean, readable graphs to the teacher, or to share them online with their group members, classmates, or educator.  

App #4    Audiobooks

This application provides 5000+  free domain audio books that can be accessed for free. This app is favourable over many others because it allows audio to play in the background while the user is using another app for taking notes. It provides the text and the audio recording at the same time, allowing for multiple learning types.

App #5    Storehouse

Storehouse is an app that allows students to create visual presentations with pictures, videos and texts. Photos can be taken from a camera roll for personal touches, and creations are easily shared through a link.

Above is an image of all the apps discussed previously. They can all be found in the App Store and downloaded onto iPads, as well as some other Apple Products.

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