Roman Sacrificial Festival Proved Successful
By Mitch Campbell

The Sacrificial Ceremony was held yesterday.

Rome's Art Festival

PALMYRA, ROME-After many years, the 1000th animal was sacrificed in honor of the gods. The citizens were praying on subjects such as bringing bad luck  upon others and  returning stolen property.

    During the festival a flute was played to ward off evil.  The Romans believe in the same gods as the Greeks but a local citizen states that Rome's are more important.  It is thought that they sacrificed humans at the festival as well.  However, this only occurs at gladiatorial games.

   The Roman Pantheon is full of gods of which have many temples and symbols.  For example, even though Jupiter is thought to be married to Juno, they are also related.  The Romans even had a god of wine and partying.  

   The mayor of Palmyra, where the festival was held, says that this will happen every month.  "Some people may think this is a little violent, but it is just part of our belief," says the mayor. The festivities will continue all week until the last sacrificial bull is killed.  

The founders of Rome and their she-wolf mother.

YESTERDAY-The annual art festival began yesterday and will continue for the next two days.  As artists lined up on Main Street, the judges arrived by cart.  There was not only a competition, but also a shop to buy decor.  The winner of the contest was Mr. Rodger Persuvis, a local artists who claims to have taught himself.

The sculptures available were copied from the Greeks.  Children are welcome, but graphic scenes are frequently painted.  There is a booth where a portrait can be painted for just X Aureus.  

If the children want to paint, sent them down to the fresco booth.  The art is said to be a beautiful representation of what the Greeks created

This is a Map of Rome.

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