Space Travel

Persuasive Essay

Space the final frontier..... now open to everybody? I oppose sending regular untrained people into space. Why? I say this for three main reasons because for one they do not have the proper requirements or training. Two, this could be a lot different than they think. Finally the third reason is that space should be used for science.

Citizens should not be aloud into space because they have no training at all. Astronauts train their whole lives for space travel, but all the civilian would have to do is open up a check book. Perhaps something were to go wrong? A civilian would have no knowledge on how to fix the problem. The civilian may not be used to the low gravity and might get sick. The civilian could brake something which could potentially threaten the crews' lives but not know what to do.

The second reason is that the civilian would flat out not like space. They may not like the food, or the low gravity. If they became injured they may sue the business that owns the rocket. If they do not like it they may try to get back to earth as soon as possible, which may cause them to do something harmful with out knowing what they did.

My third reason is that space travel should only be for science. Our time is short but we can make a  difference in history if we use our time and money wisely. I believe that if we spend our money wisely we can make large scientific  contributions. If we spent our time in space for fun we wouldn't get anything accomplished. Though space travel is a once in a life time experience we shouldn't take space travel for granted.

The truth is we are just not ready to go to space for fun. Space is full of wonders and knowledge and until we know all that knowledge we should take it more seriously not like it's a an amusement park. Now you  now where I stand on this topic.

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