by Carlie Hulme

Hi! My name is Carlie I am six years old, almost 7 (on March 19th). I live with my mom, Tracy, my dad, Rick, my sister, Bailey, and my cat, Fizzy.

My Favorites

My favorite animal is a house cat and my favorite color is pink. my favorite number is 19, my favorite letter is z, my favorite month is March, my favorite season is summer, and my favorite plant are roses. My favorite TV show is Spongebob Squarepants, my favorite movie is Sponge out of Water, my favorite thing to do on the computer, and the ipad is play games, my favorite website is cool math, and my favorite game on cool math is Snail Bob 2.

My Least Favorites

My least favorite animal is wild cats and raccoon's and my  least favorite color is gray. My least favorite number is 0, my least favorite letter is a, my least favorite month is July, my least favorite season is winter, and my least favorite plant is a Venus fly trap. My least favorite TV show is the news, and my least favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast. Also, I HATE sports.

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