My year of 2013

During the school year I didn't do much at all, during the summer I did all kinds of stuff. In the summer I went to Geronimo for one week. The food there was great, however we had to sleep in tents. The tents were cold at night and hot in the morning. Our campsite was the furthest out, and the highest up. Despite all that my time at Geronimo was fun. Afterwards I didn't do much expect I went shooting with a little bit. After summer was over, and it was nearly Christmas, my class dissected a cows eye in science class. Also I got a few new games of the course of 2013, most of which were actually fun. The school year of 2013 was dull for me, however during the summer my 2013 got better and more fun.

This was one of the fun games that I got over the course of 2013.(Very fun)

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