Assignment #3 book Connection

Tall Paul makes music to inspire kids about his past what he has Learned and what he went thru. He goes to community places and tries to help kids. He is in rolled in reach lake which help people learn there launguage.  He raps about how he struggled  to learning his laungage.

1. Tall Paul and Arnold talk about being nomadic .

2.  Tall Paul struggled with being Indian like Arnold .

3. Tall Paul wants to do something with his life like Arnold .

4.  Tall Paul  and Arnold how they struggled being  Indians .

5. Tall Paul tries to teach people about Indian culture.

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3 years ago

Afrah, you have some good connections here. Now finish yesterday's assignment by creating a sentence that answers this question: What does your person do to create hope and what are the three main connections to the book that help you see that?

Also, think about how both Junior and Tall Paul are both artists, although the ways they do their art are different. Listen to Tall Paul's rap a few times and listen for connections. Hint: He talks about education, pushing the limit, not using drugs, and getting results!