This is the Pumpkin

By : Abby Levine

Created By : Tamia Hendricks

Saying #1:  "This is the pumpkin, orange and bright, that sits on the sill and grins at the night,"

Inference : I think that maybe the the pumpkin has been carved into a huge grin and the pumpkin is bright because he could have a light in it.

Image #1

Inference: Image #1- The kid's are trick-or-treating on Halloween because they have costumes on and the people in the house are holding a bowl.

Saying #2: "This is the principal, wild as west. Twirling his lasso, a star on his vest."
Inference #2 : Maybe the principal is dressed up as a cowboy.

Image #2:

Inference: Image #2- I think that the kid's have gotten home and put on their pajamas. It look's as if they're now laying on the floor separating their candy and eating it.

Saying #3: "This is the costume, ghastly and green, that Max and his mom made for Halloween."
Inference #3: Maybe the boy/girl is dressed as a green monster or creature. He could be dress as a tree or bush also.

Image #3

Inference: Image 3- I think that kid's are about to get on the van, and go off to a Halloween party because they all have costumes on.

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