The Ukraine Crisis

Map of Ukraine

What is the problem?

In 2013, the Ukrainian president decided to work closer with Russia, canceling plans that were years in the making to work with the West more. As the majority of people wanted to work with the West, they rioted and the president was ousted. Crimea, part of Ukraine, was annexed by Russia in the chaos that ensued, and eastern parts of the country had their own revolutions against the government. This escalated into a full on armed conflict.

Ukraine voted democratically to elect their own president, while the rebel's leaders seized power with force, then held "elections" that they enforced with armed soldiers. A similar situation happened in Crimea, where the Russians held an election that they did not allow international observers to keep track of, then announced 97% vote for the resolution that favored them.

The war is being fought between the Ukrainian government and armed rebels in the east, but it is widely acknowledged that Russia is sending its own soldiers to fight he conflict, with some suggesting it is entirely Russian made.

The people of Ukraine have been heavily affected, losing their homes, jobs, and having serious economic struggles. Furthermore, many have been killed or injured in the fighting, including civilians.

The countries involved directly include Ukraine and Russia, which seized Ukrainian territory as its own and funds the rebels. Then, there are other countries condemning Russia's behavior, such as the U.S.  and much of Europe.

Who is involved?

Measures taken to end the violence.

The government and rebels have made multiple peace agreements, however, both sides have broken the terms. Even though they negotiated peace, the rebels would continue attacking the government. Because they have things like tanks and other expensive equipment, they can afford to fight the war.

The war's conduct includes attacking civilian centers with mortars and artillery.

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