Persuasive Writing

a new playground fence by lisa

Hey everybody! Are you tired of having a short,old fence on our playground? Imagine how great it would be if we could have a new,taller fence.You are probably thinking”Why do we have to have a new playground fence? Isn’t the old one good enough?”Well, I think we really should have a better fence, and here’s why I think that.

We should have a better fence around the graveyard because balls won’t get kicked over them.If balls gets kicked over the’s probably going to be hard to get them back. If somebody climbs over the fence,grabbed the ball, and climb back over the fence again(which is going to take some time),then the kids playing would have to wait….and wait...and wait.Then the kids might get bored and wander off into the building.Also, the fence is kind of spiky,which could damage the ball.If small kids try to climb the fence to get the ball,they might fall off and get hurt.

We should have a better fence around the graveyard because then no one will be able to get into the school by climbing over the fence.There's an opening in the fence, so a kid could just walk out of the school and who knows what could happen next? Plus, intruders and robbers could just walk into the school and something bad could happen. If somebody was doing something in the graveyard, and throw something over the fence, it could hit somebody who just happened to be walking by, and that person could get hurt. If we get a better fence, that sort of thing would be less likely to happen.

I hope you liked my speech and that you agreed with me.If you do agree with me, please donate money so we could have a better fence.Thank you if you want to donate money and thanks for listening.Bye!