Two Sides


1. government needs to impose restrictions to regulate the purchase and ownership of guns

2. support laws to regulate guns

3. gun violence is a serious problem

4. legislation's for gun control

5. national gun control inc.


1. oppose laws to regulate guns.

2. the passage of gun laws has not reduced gun violence.

3. oppose gun control "guns don't kill, people kill"

4. NRA

   The Second amendment

Calls for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms from State Ratification Conventions

recent legislation

1994 crime bill

1. banned manufacture, transfer or possession of semi-automatic assault weapons like ak-47s.

2. banned the sale of large capacity rifle magazines.

3. sunset provision- law would expire in 10 years unless renewed by congress.

1998 Brady bill II

1. all gun buyers [not just handguns] had to complete federal applications and submit to background checks.

2. background checks performed by the new FBI computerized system.

New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013

1. Safe was passed by the NY Legislature January 15, 2013 and signed into law hours later.

2. Considered "toughest" gun control law in the U.S

3. The law faced immediate, intense criticism and has been challenged by over 50 of NY's countries

4. provisions include ban on high capacity magazines; ammunition's dealers required to complete background checks; background checks on all gun sales, including private sales; registry of assault weapons; ban on internet sale of assault weapons; therapists report credible threats.

I believe that people should be only able to carry guns around for protection and nothing else. If your not protecting yourself then i don't believe you need to have a gun. I also believe that background check are necessary whenever you purchase a gun. Having background checks done is a safe way to keep people protected from guns. people should use guns for protection not to harm somebody. 

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