You have the power to change the World

Did anyone ever tell you that you one person can change the world. I'm going to tell you about one of the greatest Civil Right's heroes Malcolm X. Malcolm X was a great person because he was a leader, courageous, and thoughtful.

Malcolm X was a leader because he protested in 1960's for his civil right's. He supported organized groups such as small African-American Muslim and human rights activist. He went on the news to tell the just because we're colored dose not make a us different. He said "We cannot accept you until you accept your self ".

Malcolm X was courgeous because he said "I am not afraid to fight for my rights". In 1946 he went to jail for burglary because the watch he had seem to expensive for a colored. In 1956 his house in was bombed in Chicgo, Trinburne, on the fiithtenth of February. He once said "The future belongs to those who are prepared for it today".

He didn't think of just him self because after JFK's Malcolm suspended a member of his group because he could have been apart of it. He didn't make all decision by him self he also made them with Martin Luther King Jr. Something anybody could have noticed he wouldn't be doing any of this stuff if he didn't care.

As you can see he is somebody who tried to save the world from racism. Without him none of this may not of happened. Now will you be somebody who will help change the world like Malcolm X. Once more he is a great man and I thank him very much.

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