Nowadays, I enjoy studying English, experiencing about Canada, and living with my family. It makes me excited. Especially, I could not meet my children for 3 months due to settle in Canada, and my babies can walk during I didn’t see them because we were separated between Canada and Korea. And also, they have already two or three teeth in their mouth when they were in Korea. I couldn’t realize they have teeth. Actually, I met with my family a week ago. From now, I can start to see that they are growing and check what they can do. These few weeks, I can spend time with my children including twin babies. I am very busy to take care of babies, but I am happy for doing that. However, I concern about my oldest son. My babies make me and my wife so busy and that thing makes my oldest son lonely because he has to be patient if he have what he want to do, and he always cannot do what he wants to do. So, I want to try to make the time, which I play with my oldest son. It is not easy to make time because I have lots of homework. After graduated, I won’t have any homework, so that I can make the time more for my oldest son.

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