hamlin park  free write

  1. Cat woman jump over the table and started shooting at the goblins robin jumps through the window and lands on a goblin the people in the were running out of the street and scattering into buildings nearby the goblins were eating   the buildings to the ground aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyelled a girl she was about to get her head bitten off by the biggest goblin in the room stepping on anyone or anything  even the other  goblins i got this said cat woman she jumped up and had to bring out a big sword because the goblins big head was wider than a school buildings width out a 20 foot long sword which who knows how she could of carried it 100 yards a way from the goblin she grabbed the sword jumped off a goblins head and flew in the air she missed his neck , and dove in his shoulder hurry up hes about to grab the sword cat woman was about to jump but he grabbed her instead this giant was 160 feet so the giant should of been able to crush her, but didn't robin decided to call her friend she-hulk came crashing down and crashed on the giants head she was hoping to do some work but by time she jumped out, the goblin fell into a small building with a long antenna at the top  unfortunately, he landed unluckly on the point and it went into its head see, when she hit the goblin with her spaceship, it hit a nerve and hit him in a soft spot and he passed out robin knew this was going to happen because she knew she-hulk  couldnt  fly for nothing

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