Dear Mr.Trevizo

I am writing to recommenced Stacy Hernandez for the manager at the movies.

i have known Stacy for almost two year's now and she is a great hard worker and understands what needs to get done. For example when she sees something wrong she wont hesitate to fix it. She makes sure all her employees are on track and not messing around. Stacy gotten employe of the year not just once but three times, I've also have worked with Stacy for about one year and everything I'm telling you is true. when it comes to customers she genital and makes sure the customer is happy and gets what they need. Stacy may look mean but that's only because she wants the job done right.

Take what I'm saying and hire Stacy she will help you in the future and can get your theater to succeed not just with money but with many customer saying how great of a theater you guys are when it comes to customer service. Stacy will come in early and stay late just to make sure her job is done right she is the hardest worker i know.


Rebecca Davila

Footlocker Manager

2603 sierra illest

Kansas City, Missouri 79938