Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was born in Austria in 1889. Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany politics as leader of the Nazi Party. Hitler was the leader of Germany from 1933 to 1945. He prepared for World War II and then what become the holocaust. In 1945 Hitler and his wife committed suicide in Berlin.

After World War I Adolf tried to become leader as he was making a group that would rebuild Germany, the group would be run on a racist basis which would hope to gain power and win fights for them that is how the Nazi Party began. Hitler believe that families should be large to make up for the casualties from the last war. In 1933 Adolf became in power he started getting ready for war against Western Europe and then the United States. Adolf Hitler was one of the most inspiring speakers he help bring Germany back after the hard loss in WWI. Adolf was going to war with Czechoslovakia but he withdraw it then he started to war with France and Britain. He tried to get Poland to help support them but they just tried to stay out of it and the Germany decided they would have to take over that instead.

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The war has begun Germany has invaded France and then was threatening to attack Britain when they needed Japan to help them because the main goal was to get the United States. When this was happening Hitler was making concentration camps in occupied Poland. Even though most people blame Hitler for the Holocaust but it started way before that in the early 1870's they blamed many things on the Jews. Holocaust means "Whole Burned" as in the whole population of the Jews.

During WWII the amount of Jews killed was 6 million that is 6 million casualties with Hitlers name on it. There was many concentration camps which they treated them like slaves, well even worse. Hitler was blaming everything on the Jews, Hitler was a catholic also.

Germany was taking over in the early time of the war, they was gaining allies and Europe was mostly theirs. Japan wanted to help out Germany with the power over the world and they started to attack the United States. They attacked Pearl Harbor and that's what made the United States join the war. Japan was fighting with Germany and that is what basically ended the war.

United States retaliated by Island hopping and they was trying to get to Japan. They heard about Germany making the Atomic bomb. Albert Einstein was from Germany but he came to the US to help us make it. We dropped two Atomic Bombs on Japan one on Hiroshima and the other Nagasaki. That basically ended the war with the treaty of Versailles. The United States help free the concentration camps. It was terrible for them to see but they had to feed them and help the ones they can.  

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