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5 Amazing Tips to be Safe on the Internet

                                                           Tip 1:Don't talk to strangers!

1: Don't add people you don't know on face book or on anywhere.

2:Don't message people you don't know or talk to them.

3:Don't met up with someone you just met on the internet.


                                      Tip 2:Don't share Personal things!

1:Don't put your full name on sites  put a different name.

2:Don't share your address with someone you don't know.

3:Don't share your password with nobody because they can do something bad.


                                                    Tip 3:Keep your page safe!

1:Put your face book page or other sites private.

2:Make sure you block people that are mean to you.

3:Make sure friends can only see what you post,and know what kind of friends you have.     


                                   Tip 4:Tell an adult about strangers!   

1:Have parents permission to post any pictures.

2:Have parents permission first for any kind of site to make sure it's safe.

3:If someone sends you a mean text make sure to save it then show a adult.



                           Tip 5:Don't open just any kind of emails,texts,etc.!

1:If someone sends you that you one a prize and tells you to put your information DON'T because you never know if it's true.

2:Never open a email from a person you don't know because it can be bad,and they can trick you.

3.Some emails might tell you to download stuff but downloading stuff can mess up your computer and can effect your sites and information.




So be careful on the Internet!! :)

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