A Haunted Hospital

1. Clark, the Philippines

    Clark was the military city where the U.S army had long stationed until the Pinatubo volcano nearby erupted massively in 1991. Because of the big eruption, the U.S army had to withdraw to their country. After the U.S army evacuated, the Clark area was designated as Special Economic Zone and has seen rapid development. The airbase that the U.S army long used in Clark was switched to a civilian airport, and many tourists visit there through the airport. With tax benefits, modern facilities, perfect security, and many beautiful tour places, the region has become the important economic center of the Philippines (Now the U.S is negotiating with the Philippines to use the Clark area again as its military base.).

2. A hospital

    There was a military hospital in the area. The U.S army built the hospital in 1960 for its soldiers stationing in Clark. The main role of the hospital in the 1970s was to treat wounded soldiers who were flew in from battle fields during Vietnam War. During the war, countless soldiers died during treatment in the hospital. After the war, this hospital was renovated and used as a modern medical center for the U.S soldiers stationing in Clark until the evacuation in 1991. Once, it was called the most big and modern hospital in the south eastern Asia. But after the U.S withdrawal, it was not operational any more and completely abandoned. Nobody went there, and the modern hospital building became ruins. And...

3. Haunted

    Countless soldiers died in this hospital during the Vietnam War. After the U.S army returned to its country with the hospital being abandoned, there have been a lot of reports about apparitions being seen walking or floating through the building. Most of the witnessed apparitions had the scars of battle. Screams were often heard. Even, there was a report that apparitions threw objects at visitors. It is said that the hospital was haunted even while it was operational before 1991. Many employees having worked at the hospital said that they heard doors opening and closing by themselves and saw unexplained people standing nearby who simply vanished.

    Numerous TV programs broadcast about this hospital and many ghost hunters have visited there until now as well  to verify whether the apparitions of dead soldiers really existed. It is said that some ghost hunters and TV crews were frightened so badly that they fled immediately. Now, the hospital is considered by ghost hunters as one of the places that are actually haunted. Here’s an interesting documentary about the haunted hospital broadcast on National Geographic.

4. And... April 6, 2014

    I went to the hospital in person with a few friends last April. The hospital was located 30 minutes away from where I stayed in the Philippines. Initially, we did not mean to go there. We just stopped by the hospital by accident. Before then, I did not know about even the presence of the hospital. While we were taking a spin around Clark on a sunny Sunday of April, one of my friends knowing about the hospital suddenly suggested going there. So we decided to visit the historical place which has the trauma of the Vietnam war.

    Although there was no restriction on access to the hospital, there were no people except us. The hospital was not a tourist attraction. I don’t believe in a ghost. But I really felt spooky atmosphere inside the hospital and were overwhelmed by the thought of apparitions and the fact that countless soldiers died there.  We bravely went down to the basement where a morgue was said to be, but could not find where the morgue was because it was completely in ruins. Unfortunately(?), we could neither see any apparitions nor hear screams while looking around the hospital for about 30 minutes.

    It was a shame that we did not see any apparitions there. If we had visited there at night, we could have witnessed apparitions. One of accompanying friends half-seriously-half-jokingly suggested that we visit there again at night with being drunk. That was not such a place to go to again at night without depending on alcohol.  At night of the day, we certainly went to a bar!, got drunk!, and then went back to our lodging, not the hospital. Anyway, it was a very interesting experience. Although I did not take many pictures there, the spooky hospital is the most unforgettable memory which I made in the Philippines.