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Pigs struggle to survive after their ship wrecked on the way to India

Economic report: silk delay; China rice deal sucsessful

By Eddie Kubit

ROME--A ship en route to India carrying hogs was swallowed by a sea storm earlier this week. The shipment of silks that was to be shipped back is now delayed, infuriating the upper class. The deal is not to be made for a few years now, for the number of hogs is not yet sustainable again. Members of the upper class are also questioning whether India will still trust Rome with trade.

Also unfortunate, Malaria has swept through the hills, killing many slaves working at the grape and olive farms. Wine and olive oil will be produced much slower until the workforce grows again. Many slaves with pregnant wives survived, so they shall be born into slavery.

In good news, a cattle trade with China was successful; large amounts of rice have been shipped in. All the rice will be distributed to leaders and citizens at a high social level.

Apple sales are up after a parasite at local markets has been eliminated. Many of the workers found that birds were taking bites of their food and transferring the disease.

Along with apples, good conditions down south cause growth in wheat and barley. A wheat farmer told us, "I gotta credit a lot. Weathers nice, slaves are working hard as ever, and the other farmers and I are getting along. Not much wrong with a season like this."

A new trade route has opened up between Rome and Constantinople after 3 years of anticipation. Leaders think this will unite the two empires and bring more power to the empire in a whole. Constantine the Great stated, "The trades on this road will only ship within the empire. We(leaders) believe that the inner distribution of goods will be a major boost of economy for us(the Roman Empire)."

All local farmers agree to each give 3 chickens to a sacrifice to Saturn, the god of agriculture and the harvest. This makes chicken much more valuable.

New winery opens

By Eddie Kubit

POMPEII--Albus Julian, esteemed wine connoisseur, has opened a new winery. It specializes in Merlot, but houses many other types. The shop, named Chardonnay Hideaway, is open now everyday from 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Some sample images of Julian's wine
A map of the Roman empire

Hogs struggle to reach a safe boat to reach mainland once again.

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