My career

mechanical engineering

The job industry that I would like to get into after high school is the automotive industry. The ideal career is a mechanical engineer. If this was my career I would be repairing cars truck etc. It would also require me to make my own parts.
The company I would work for would manly depend on my location at the time. If I was to stay here in parson's I would want to work at performance auto. If i was to move far away I would work really at any auto repair shop that is hiring.

The training that I would need to accomplish my goal. can be from the ranks of just the CTE classes in high school. To a four year bachelors degree in college of my choice. all the way to a eight year masters degree at a college that offers that nollge like WVU

Some obstacles that I would face is that it takes a very long time to get a degree in the field. so it would be hard being that far away from home for that long. My plans to over come those obstacles now that they have iPods and Skype that means I can face-chat with my friends and family whenever i want. also if I got the money from a job I can make the trip home occasionally. For school the only thing I can do is try my best and take it all in.

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