Abiotic & Biotic Factors

A biotic factor is a living thing that relys on abiotic factors to live. Humans, plants, and animals are biotic factors because they are living things.

Abiotic factors are non living things that we need in order to live.

The difference between abiotic and biotic factors is an abiotic factor is a non-living thing such as a rock,while the biotic factor is a living thing such as humans. Abiotic and biotic factors interact with each other because biotic factors live and abiotic factors help the biotic factors live.

A rainforest is an example of an ecosystem. Some biotic factors you would see there are trees, grass, and rainforest animals. Some abiotic factors you would see are water, mud, and rocks. If 5 of these factors left there would be no rainforest for the animals to live in, they would have to find somewhere else to live, and that could take a very long time. They wouldn't have any food to eat and that could mess up parts of the food chain, therefore other animals won't be able to eat.