How to use TACKK:

This tutorial can help you navigate and build TACKKs

1. Adding an image:  You can drag and drop your images onto the TACKK site or use the upload function.  

2. Once you add the image- you can edit by hitting the settings button to the top right of each image you add.

3. Then type your instructions, or text below each image you place.  

Below, is an example of linking your TACKK to a website.  Click the link and it will take you to any external site you wish to link to.  

Embedding a Website in Tackk

By adding a button, you can direct students to any web-based location by linking that location to your button.  To name a button, double click and drag the cursor over the text, once highlighted, name your button.

Embedding video into Tackk

Buttons on Tackk

Select the media link at the bottom of each Tackk to embed a video link from your chosen source.

Adding video to your TACKK is as easy as clicking the media link at the bottom of each TACKK.

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