Save the Coral!

Alvarez, Lizette. "Despite Protections, Miami Port Project Smothers Coral Reef in Silt." The New York Times. The New York Times, 07 Mar. 2015. Web. 15 Mar. 2015. <>.

This article is an information piece. On the Port of Miami, are large number of corals are suffering from a proposed $205 million dollar project that is aimed at expanding a shipping channel to enlarge a new area of supersize cargo ships to pass by. Before this project was created, the government had plans on trying its best to save the corals during this project. There plan was to protect the animals in the bay by placing them at a far distance from the site. Regarding the Endangered Species Act, it is mandatory to protect the staghorn coral reefs. The Army Corps of Engineers, however, did not take into account the location of the coral reefs, and continued their project near the coral. Because of the project taking place near the reefs, majority of coral reefs are being brutally damaged, this leading them to death. Although the corps have review this problem, they are planning to expand the shipping channel to the Port Everglades. The corps are continually trying to correct their mistakes and are trying to abide to the rules for this project, but it didn't work. As the dredge they created to protect the reef did not work, seeing that they forget about the coral near this location and the barges used to move the dredge leaked sediment into the water. Despite the problems accounted for in this project, they are still going aboard on this project.

After reading about this article, the main ethical issue that is being harmed is the amount impact that this project would have against the stakeholders. Environmentalists and individuals who care so much for the coral reefs are having their eco-justice being violated. The Army Corps of Engineers aren’t morally taken into consideration how their project affects the ecosystem and the community as a whole. The three e’s of sustainability is also being affected because there is no definite protection for the coral reefs, the amount of money put into this project is not accommodating on safe protection for the reefs, and the unequal social equity between the corps and the people demonstrate a lack of adoration for the environment. It is important that the people must know what is going in around the bay and that this project must be put into consideration.

If the Army Corps of Engineers want to continue on to this project, they must fully reexamine their project plan to establish a more protective approach for the coral reefs. But if they still continue with the project without any consideration for the coral reefs, they should end this plan. I believe that the Army Corps of Engineers and Environmentalists should work together to create a system that would help the reefs.

What actions would you take in regards of this project in order to satisfy both sides of this debate?