Spanish Journey

By: Deshawn Dazevedo

What I Can Say

Over the course of this semester I have learned a lot of different things. I can now say so many different things in Spanish than I have before. For example, I can now go to a grocery store and be able to read and ask for help if I need to, or I can go to a clothing store and be able to say what kind of clothes that I am looking for. I could also describe my house or the type of chores that I have to do and what chores that my mom and sisters or whoever else live in my house do. I also now know how to talk about certain people careers and things to do with their careers such as their office and things of that nature.

Spanish Essay

En general, mi estancia en España ha sido muy positiva. La cantidad de cosas que aprendí mientras estuve en este país ha sido genial. Me siento como si no hubiera aprendido tanto como lo hice si no viajé al país a experimentar estas cosas por mí mismo. Ir a la escuela en otro país fue un cambio interesante en comparación con estar en la escuela en Rocky Mount. La ruptura que se obtiene para el almuerzo es genial, especialmente la siesta. Me encantó eso. También viven en España era diferente. La gente era muy amable, y la comida era tan bueno. Mi apartamento estaba muy bien, y no tuvo muchos problemas, así que no tengo que verter una gran cantidad de dinero en tener que arreglarlo. Mientras estaba en España también desarrollé algunas aficiones como el béisbol. El fútbol es popular, pero también lo es el béisbol y disfruto jugando a este deporte cuando puedo. Como yo estaba jugando el deporte, yo estaba tratando de comer sano, así que a menudo ir al mercado para poder comprar mi fruta, y siempre he sido capaz de elegir el tipo fresco porque el tiempo aprendí a elegirlo.

Spanish Reflection

There are many differences in the Spanish and English language that I have come to realize. Firstly the use of el and la can be very difficult when I am unsure of the masculinity or femininity of the word being used. Also the imperfect and preterite are also different in the Spanish language by the way it has to be used because it was somewhat confusing to me. The most interesting thing about their culture probably had to be the food. I am very big on different culture's food and I love learning about the different kinds of food that people eat around the world. I honestly want to try every culture's food and so far I have tried Mexican, Caribbean, Vietnamese, and Chinese but I really want to try more culture's food. I have had tamales before and they were good but I really want to try Paella, but there is not a place in Rocky Mount that I have heard of that sells it, although I doubt it would be cheap. Honestly if I continue the Spanish language, which I believe I will, I want to learn everything about the language. I plan to be bilingual, so I want to be able to be as fluent as possible by the time I graduate college. I think I actually want to minor in Spanish, so that could be something I could fall back on if needed.

Spanish Course Reflection

This is my second time taking Spanish in an online course, and I honestly do not enjoy taking it online as much as I did when I was taking it in the school with a teacher face to face. The reason i am taking it online is because of High School issues, and I am taking it face to face in the fall and I feel like it personally helps me retain the information in person than it does online. What I liked about the course is that I could work on my own time and I did not have to attend class everyday physically. Online courses are very convenient when you are a non-driving teenager. I honestly have no complaints about the course, it served its purpose. The RLC classes were sometimes a bit of a nuisance to do because they were not very beneficial to me. If I have questions I normally ask them, and I normally did not have any questions so I just attended them because I had to. Things that helped me learn in this course is I took sticky notes and placed them around my house so that I could constantly see the words and that helped me with repetition, and I think that I would do that again in the future when I get to college, although my roommate may not like that idea. To improve in the course, I probably should devote more time to the class to actually learn the words, I think they were often committed to short term memory just so that I could pass the assignments that were due. To help with learning I know that my teacher posted a lot of things that we could use to help us. Although I did not need them to use them, I felt like they could have been beneficial is someone needed to use them. I did not need much help so there was not much she could have done to help me out, the course went well for me.

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