Cut - Rate Holistic Health Services Project

What is this Project?

Phase One: Provide Sponsored Services at a rate of 85% off regular rates to as many people as possible.

Phase Two: Expand to include Sponsored Services from other practitioners of energetic, complimentary and integrative medicine.

Phase Three: Open a Healing and Learning Center bassed on the same cut-rate philosophy.

Why Sponsor this Project?

Unfortunately most CAM (complimentary & alternative medicine) services are still not covered by insurance. When they are covered, the coverage is severely limited and generally does not include preventative care. Many of us who are trained in holsitic health and the healing arts are conflicted by the need to charge going rates for our services. We often find ourselves choosing between treating only the wealthy or reducing our prices to untenable rates. Too often however, the people who need our services the most truly cannot afford to pay even our discounted rates, or are not in a place in their life where they are able to make preventative health and wellbeing a financial priority. By providing cut-rate wellness and prevention care until the insurance industry wakes up to the neccessity of holistic health services we can help people get healthier and benefit the entire health care system.

Your financial help will be greatly appreciated and you will have a share in helping people and assisting in the actualization of personal and global healing. If you have any questions or know someone who needs a sponsored session feel free to contact me at You can read about me and find my regular rates at

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