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Personally I think that the social issue in this book has a lot to do with poverty. I think that area itself is a very bad area to start with. I think it affects Steve a lot because he is always around someone who is considered a thug or some sort of a gangster. ”I ain’t shocked. People getting killed and everything and it ain’t right but I ain’t shocked none. They killed a little girl just about 2 months ago and she was just sitting on her stoop.”(121) This affects the character because the court deals with situation a lot. For the most part the outcome is the same. The person or whoever is involved all go to jail. The character deals with situation very well. He still goes to school. He has a huge love to making movies. Through the whole book and it is placed in script and it is based on what Steve wrote during this whole problem. “I think he’s an outstanding young man. He is talented, bright, and compassionate he’s very much involved with depicting his neighborhood and environment in a positive manner” (235) He is being referred to Steve. Meaning is a very smart person who seems to deal with his neighborhood was a very positive outlook on things. On this issue I think a lot of people deal with the exact same issue on a day to day basis. I have never encountered this issue to the point where the character has dealt with. I have encountered small versions of this kind of issue. I have learned a lot about this situation. I have learned that there are plenty of ways to take your point of view on any kind of situation that would be handed to you.

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