Meet Tom, In the Adventures of Tom Sawyer

By: Kaytlyn Geyer

        From the Adventures of Tom Sawyer brings many excitements to come. In this book you will meet the troublemakers, Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Fin, sweet Becky Thatcher, strict Aunt Polly, annoying Sid, and the villain Injun Joe. Within the book you'll find Tom Sawyer hates Sunday School, and can't sit still, and Sid can't stop whining "Aunt Polly!" every time he does something. If your looking for Huckleberry Fin, he might be sleeping in a barrel or smoking or just up to no good. Tom Sawyer has a lot of fun tricking other boys in this, for example, when Aunt Polly told him to whitewash.( Tom didn't even do it anyways. )When these to go the town cemetery they stumble upon three  "devils".  They then witness a murder, and a grave robbery. These guys, feeling sad because they were unappreciated, go to an island in attempt to become pirates. In the end though, they return and find they were greatly missed.  The stories not done yet though, when Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher decide to go in the caves the get lost and find the murder in the the caves as well. Will the murder be caught? What will happen  to Tom and Becky and Huck? That will have to a adventure of your own.

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