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Interior Decor Ideas – Why Plantation Shutters Are The Best Option For Your Windows

One of the better ways to create interesting looks for your windows, plantation shutters take a much cooler approach for providing light, air as well as privacy to any space. The traditional way to manage a window would be to hand curtains on its side. You can push the curtains to the side when you want the air and sunlight to stream in and simply close them shut when it is privacy you need. But the problem with this approach is the clutter it adds to the room. Let’s face it.. Curtains are old fashioned! But with plantation shutters you get to create a contemporary look and feel for your room with all the facilities that a curtain offers.

Now don’t you go running away with any false ideas in mind.. Plantation shutters are expensive, especially when you compare them to the overall amount it would cost you to hang curtains on your windows. But the benefits they offer truly make them worthy of the extra investment. And this amount you are spending now will be easily recovered from the many savings you will make on your electricity bill. That’s right! Plantation shutters actually add to the energy efficiency of your home.

Think that is all you are going to gain from using these interior decor additions to your home? Here is a list of the many benefits a home owner can avail of by installing plantation shutters on his property.

  • This format of window treatment calls for minimal maintenance. Depending upon the material you use to make the shutters, it will have to be cleaned and polished once every one to three years.
  • Simple cleaning of plantation shutters is enough to have them looking as good as new for years to come. You only need to wipe off the dust using a soft rag or wash the shutters with soap and water occasionally. In the case of curtains however, replacement becomes necessary every two to three years.
  • These awnings are actually designed to fit the window openings so installation will hardly be a problem even without hiring professionals to do the job.
  • Plantation shutters have been a sign of class and affluence for many years. Even though today they are much easily afforded by the common people, they still inspire an air if richness and prosperity. You can actually install these in your home as a status symbol.
  • Plantation shutters allow you to control the sunlight that enters your room. This will help in getting your electricity bill under control.
  • Most contemporary interior decorators recommend the use of these shutters in their client’s houses simply because of the clean design they provide. Unlike curtains that take up a big chunk of your wall space, plantation shutters actually allow you to maintain the lines of your window opening and keep your walls clutter free.

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