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Viu Manent is a Chilean winery owned by the Viu family. It was founded in 1935 when the Catalonian immigrant Miguel Viu-García and his two sons Agustín and Miguel Viu-Manent founded Bodegas Viu in Santiago de Chile. They bottled and sold wine on the local market under the “Vinos Viu” Brand.

Viu Manent wines are made with grapes from their own properties in the *Colchagua Valley in Chile’s Central Zone, 130 km (80 mi) southeast of the capital, Santiago. The winery’s 254 hectares (627 acres) are divided among vineyards in San Carlos, La Capilla, and El Olivar.
In seeking to produce the best expression of each variety, 10% of the white grapes come from selected sectors of the Casablanca Valley.

The most beautiful thing about wine is that my relationship with him is not only defined by its quality and taste, but also by generating expectations and the memories it brings to my mind. For whom we have had the opportunity to visit your beautiful vineyard in Colchagua, and eating in their great restaurant, it is difficult to separate the wine from that remarkable experience. If you ever visit Chile, I recommend going to Viu Manent, as they undoubtedly, this will serve you to know the best of the peasant roots,to enjoy beautiful landscapes, and finally, to connect with the ground through its best expression: The wine.

by Patricio