Booker T. Washington

By: Karmen Askew

Chilhood Experiences

  " Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life by the obstacles which he has overcome", Booker T. Washington ,an influential African American said. Booker T. Washington grew up a slave on a Viginia Plantation. At Five years old he was put to work fanning fries from his master's supper. Whan he got older he was given another job. Every week he went to the mill to load corn. In 1863, Abraham Lincoln freed all the slaves. When the slaves were freed, schools for black were opened. Booker finally got the chance to go to school.He didn't go to school often because he had to work. He heard of a school in Hampton, Virginia. he saved up all his money to go. He finally saved enough money to go. When he got there the head teacher told him there were no more openings. When he swept the floor and dusted the head teacher decided to let him in. He graduated in 1875.Eventhought he didn't have the perfect chilhood, he was determained to get his education.

Contributation to society

In 1879 Booker was asked to come back to Hampton. While he helped teach the native american studens,he was also in charge of night school for adults. He became the principal for a school in Tuskegee, Alabama. On July 4,1881, he held his first class in a Tuskegee church, But he was the only there. Since he was the only teacher there, he hired Olivia Davidson to be the first teacher. She was in charge of all women students.Booker kept Tuskegee Institute open for a year. Booker T. Washington made alot of  helpful contributation to society.

Awards and Honors

After Frederick Douglass died, Booker T. Washington gave a very important speech at the Atlanta Cotton Exposition on September 8,1895

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