The  Northern Gateway Project

The Northern Gateway project is about the pipline which is going to go to Bitumen to Bruderheim,Alberta,Kitimat BC and to China . If there is a oil spil the fishermen will loose   1 billion dollars but if there isin't any oil spil they will keep on doing there job.

Across Haida Gwaii

The super tankers will cross across Haida Gwaii and if there is a oil spill the Haida people will be mad and will have no food. We know that they can have wild animals but they like sea food like fish,squid,shells, shrimp,seaweed,crab,clam and lots of other food.

Hunger Strike

Some students in Bella Bella did a hunger strike to protest against the Northern Gateway Project.They stopped eating to show that they did not want an oil spill on their land. The coastal first nation people eat a lot of sea food.


I think this project is both a good and a bag idea. It is a good idea because we need to sell oil to have a strong economy. The first Nations have their right to say that it is their land and they don't want no food that is all full with oil and they are trying to say it is not a good idea to passe their land also the bears will die because the salmon and other fish has oil in it and the bears cant eat oil.If the super tankers

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