Connections Of Popular Movies Across Time

Movies in the 1920's showed characters living in the 'ideal life', and fitting in the crowd. They often showed wealthy settings and characters. Characters usually had 'ideal behavior' and many plots focused on them finding love and riches. Like in literature, movies in this time had themes of good vs. evil. Showed characters trying to obtain the American Dream. Unfortunately racial stereotypes were prevalent during these films. Popular movies in the 1920's include "Wings", "The Phantom Of The Opera", Many movies starring Charlie Chaplin,  "Sunrise", "The Kid", and "Metropolis".

Instead of focusing on the 'ideal life' and 'fitting in the crowd" movies in the 1970's took a dramatic turn, and instead of rich aristocrats they starred rebellious free spirits who focused on sticking out instead of sticking in. This decade also produced films based on war stories. However, in multiple movies the themes of good vs evil still persisted, and also a few racial stereotyping.  Some popular movies in this decade even showed characters looking for the American Dream. Examples of popular movies in the 1970's include "One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest". "A Clockwork Orange", "Taxi Driver", "Saturday Night Fever", and the forever popular "Star Wars: A New Hope". The trend of rebellious themes and characters stuck in future movies outside the 1970's such as the classic "The Breakfast Club".

While the 1920's had themes of sticking in the crowd; the 1970's turned it around by adding rebellious characters and themes. However, movies that are made now are all about revolution and defying the crowd. The first example of movies following this that comes to mind is "The Hunger Games" movie trilogy. There are also movies made that defy other countries Government, leaders, (etc) either in a satirical or serious standpoint. (The Interview), (Red Dawn). Through out all this time the theme of good vs evil is still a strong one used in movies. There is more diversity in film now and less racial stereotyping. Popular movies today include "The Avengers", multiple superhero movies being made, "Kingsman: The Secret Service" "The Imitation Game", 'Gone Girl", and "Inception"

All in all, movies first started out being ideal versions of life to becoming free spirited, and even rebellious. Even though during  early films there were examples of racial stereotypes films seemed to have move past that to include more diverse characters and stories. Through out all the decades, however, films kept a constant theme of good vs. evil.

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