The Aztec

The Aztecs began a long migration in the twelfth century A.D. into the valley of Mexico. They established a capital at Tenochtitlan now known as Mexico City. They were run off by people to the swamps of the Lake Texcoco on a island they saw the sign of the end to their journey and that’s where they built there capital. They began building temples and housing they made stone rode around the island and across the North, South, and West of the island linking it to mainland. By the 1500 hundred 4 million Aztecs lived in the valley of Mexico.

A council of lords and government officials assisted the Aztec ruler. Aztecs believed in many gods there religion was based on a belief in an unending struggle between the forces of good and evil throughout the universe.

  1. The Aztecs ate corn on the cob and used the kernels in soup called pozole. The corn meal dough was often combined with beans and vegetables wrapped in the corn husks and steamed to prepare what the Aztecs called tamales.
  2. The aztecs grew most of there food like vegetables and hunted for meat
  3. The aztec civilization had about 15 million people in it
  4. The believed in many gods for example : A supreme god called Ometeotl, Huitzilopochtli the god of sun and war
  5. They wore lose clothing the males wore a under garment covered by a cloak, the women kept their skirt on them with a sash, children younger than 3 wore no clothing, as they girls grew in age there clothing began to cove more of them and the boys loin cloths

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