Why I Love #MiamiU Greek Life

It's Not Four Years, But For Life

This saying is not just some quote we sorority girls say because it's cute and catchy; being in a sorority really is something that you can enjoy for the rest of your life. Obviously the four years you spend in college with your sisters by your side basically every day are the ones you most associate your membership with, but you can still embrace your inner sorority girl long after graduation day. Being in a sorority is something that looks great on a resume (especially if you have held leadership positions), it can connect you with people in the professional world who were involved in Greek life (even if they weren't in the same sorority) -- those who GO GREEK are connected on a level that only we Greeks can understand. There are also tons of groups and alumni clubs you can join to stay connected with women in your sorority, whether those groups be in cities across the country that hold in-person meetings and events, or if it is simply an online group, such as LinkedIn, where members can post about job offers, advice,...anything! With the growing world of technology, it is as easy as ever to get connected and stay connected. So take advantage and have pride in your letters not just for those four years, but for life!

My Favorite Things About Being Greek:

Getting a Little!

Adding to your family & becoming not only a BIG, but then a GRAND BIG!

I am lucky enough to have TWO grand littles!

Greek Week!

Always having tons of girls to take group pics with!

Dressing guys up in your colors & letters for Bump It Thump It!


Having sisters to be wEiRd with.

Because friends don't let friends do stupid things.......ALONE

This is just a small glimpse into the wonderful, meaningful, life-long fun you will experience by joining greek life.
So what's stopping you?!?
GO GREEK!!!!!!!