Hank Arron

By: Jack Ballard


Hank Arron is a famous Alabamian. He was born in Mobile , Al. He was a famous baseball player. He childhood was hard because he was raised segrated from the white people.

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He was born Feb. 5, 1934. When he was 8 he started loving and playing baseball. Hank never played high school ball but went the to simi pro. When he was 20 he signed for the Milwaukee Braves.He was payed 10,000 dollars for 1season.

Adult life

He was famous for braking Babe Ruth's batting tittle!!!!!!! He also was awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom. He also was elected for the Baseball Hall of Fame. He hit around 40 home runs each season. He played aginst Jacky Robinsin a lot that means he was one of the first African American baseball player.


That was Hank Arron's life and what he did. That's how he was famous.