Tall Tale Of Paul Bunyun

Nicholas Williams

Paul Bunyan is America's best-known folk hero. All lumberjacks believe, or pretend to believe, that he really lived and was the pioneer in the lumber country.Bunyan was a powerful giant, 7 feet tall and with a stride of 7 feet. So great was his lung capacity that he called his men to dinner by blowing through a hollow tree; when he spoke, limbs sometimes fell from trees.

1a. Myth made up by men with axes, in the winter

1b. " Some of paul is old as the hills, young as the alphabet, i think this means that those storys were told a long time ago and are still told today.

2a. He dived into lake superior, swam to the piller and "turned the darn thing off".

When the mosquitoes killed his ox, he sent to Australia for some bees. When that didn't work he fatten the up & drown the bees & mosquitoes

2b. It proves how clever & strong he is, but exaggerated

3a. It blocked the rain by making a damm

3b. This myth tells me there were some big strong men with big imaginations

4a. He could have been an exaggerated real person.

4b. Today: he would be inspired by a comic book character

5a. He supplied families with wood so they could do things such as heat the house, cook, build things.

5b. He was kind, helpful,

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