cheapest fifa 15 coins CESC Fabregas can take part in the Germany game

Now is World Cup semi-final, opponents is Spain, Germany fans certainly more of worried as European of old opponents, Germany and Spain repeatedly played, results Germany team eight wins six flat six negative slightly prevail, and in World Cup history Shang two team has three times suffered, results Germany team two wins a flat keep not defeated, Spain soldiers this repeatedly also desire can end this a embarrassing magic curse, but Germany team is bound to does not let predecessors of brilliant traditional in himself hand Shang was end in Monday participate in training Shi right leg injured of, Due to CESC Fabregas had in March appeared right leg bone crack of injury, that injured makes he ahead of farewell has season, so this once small method of right leg again injured caused has is big of worries media once outgoing small method may missed on Germany of semi-final of news, cheapest fifa 15 coins CESC Fabregas in pre-war injured makes many Spain fans was is worries but now Spain FA denied has rumors, they said, small method of injury does not serious, he will can participate in on Germany of game "check results excluded has any hurt and the bones of may, CESC Fabregas can take part in the Germany game. "He won't miss Germany contest. ”。

Thiago Silva and Hummels in defensive duties, while also scoring a goal, but FIFA mavalane got hit with higher scores. To knows France of lost ball is Hummels squeeze opened defensive he of w pulled within Hou header broke, can said mavalane on this lost ball has responsibility, but apparently FIFA is does not so think ranking 6th of is Luo this, in Netherlands on Costa Rica of game in the Luo this although no scored, but he almost participation has Netherlands team each a times has threat of attack, he of with ball breakthrough is orange clothing Regiment most sharp of attack means. This time FIFA gave Arjen Robben hit 9.59 points scoring, but compared to the previous score, Robben's rankings from 4th to 6th place and score from 9.66 point fell to 9.59 points and ranked among the top ten players in the, is the largest of Brazil centre-back daweiluyisi.